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A mental landscape

30 January 1982
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Hello everybody, I'm Fenko. It's been ages since I last updated this profile, so let me make a
valiant attempt. I'm 29 years old, working in IT consultancy for some years now, but still playing
board- and roleplaying games in my spare time. I have a younger brother named Stefan
with whom I'm best pals, and who provides for my action-movie needs. I am in the process of
buying my own house (huzzah!) in Haarlem. The picture here is quite old (and needs replacing). This is me at the Animecon 2005, dressed up as Cas in RSE. Oddly enough,
I look about the same as on the photograph, having had way longer and way shorter hair during the time in between.

I love reading and writing, the last in the form of a novel called "All Tales Have Happy Endings", and the first nowadays taken up with G.R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, of which I'm diligently waiting on part five.
I usually run after the deadlines imposed by the Aniway, a dutch magazine on anime and manga I write for. Plus I write and draw for doujinshi circle OpenMinded, which allows me to happily publish some of my creative outbursts.

My online gaming has shifted away from FFXI, through WoW and FFXIV, to LotRo, though I do miss Vana'diel and the familiar atmosphere.

Thanks to Sleipnir (my Focus) traveling is much easier nowaways. During weekends I generally hang out with gaming friends - after finishing a long-running Mage:tAsc campaign, I'm now
planning a home-brewn world and system campaign. Planning to start after I've moved. :)